What is the Lung Health Foundation

The sole reason the foundation exists is to help Canadians improve their lung health.

We’re focused on taking on lung cancer, asthma and COPD. We’re also hard at work on health promotion through preventing youth smoking and vaping and protecting Canadians from infectious respiratory diseases – something we’ve all seen the importance of with COVID-19.

Unwavering is our dedication to deliver solutions that educate and empower Canadians to breathe better. We will work tirelessly to give patients and their families the programs and support they so urgently need, invest in research and advocate on their behalf.

We know the healthcare system is not nearly nimble enough to address the massive and growing gaps in prevention, diagnosis and treatment for the one-in-five Canadians literally gasping for breath. We are and we can thanks to our generous donors, valued partners and dedicated volunteers.

Together, we are creating a world where everyone can breathe easier. We are deeply grateful for your support and thank you for being a part of this mission.

Learn more at lunghealth.ca.